Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Most Awesomest Blog Post Ever!!

Have you ever had the urge to hop on your bike and go as fast as you can? Thats how I'm feeling right now! I can smell spring right around the corner and the high speed cruising will commence.  

When I see my friends cruising wether it be on social media or in person it makes me really appreciate BMX and what its sent my way.  Here are 3 photos that were texted to me in the past week that got me stoked. Thanks for keeping BMX rad boys!!

Matt Coplon is on the constant search for the "perfect setup". Looks like he found one here. Matt is also on the quest of keeping the BMX Industry rolling in the right direction with his roll at Profile Racing. Thank you for all your efforts Mr. Coplon.

Here's another dude thats on a personal quest! Living off the grid in the woods of California, John Tillman is doing it right. In the woods or pool, buddy is bringing the laughs to a seen near you.

Photo Crandad

Jack "MuthaF'n" Hartje getting the crowd stoked at a T-1 Ramp session this week. If you've ever had the chance to hang out with this dude than you know how much fun it is to ride with him. See you soon enough!!

Photo- The Fids

With all these new parks that are popping up its easy to forget about some of the older parks that have been neglected over the years. Here's one of them parks. Hopkinton N.H. Spirit Park is in need of some help and support from our community. I've been to this park and its super fun and is worth being repaired and saved.  Every dollar counts and it would be a shame to see it go. Please do what you can.

Its that time of year again. Kind of like BMX-Mas, it only comes once a year. 
Its Terrible One Barcode Pre-Book Time!! Read the options below and let us know before February 15th if you are into one. We will be bringing a few in to the shop but if you want a certain color,size and brake specification please let us know. Get stoked!!

Aye Yo!! FBM Bikes Gypsy V3 frames are in the shop. As usual FBM is delivering the american made goodness in the way of one of the cleanest frame out. The Gypsy V3 has an updated Head Tube at 75 Degrees.Trans Purple in 20.75 TT, $370.  Click here for detailed specs.

I spent more time on my bike this past summer then I expected to, that means I didn't pick up my camera all that much. What I did manage to film is all in this edit. There are a couple of Boons clips in the beginning but most of the footage is on R.I. grounds. Enjoy!

Trails Rule 2015 from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Bike Shops Do!!

As Circuit approaches its 10 year anniversary, we’re reminded how gratifying it's been to have the shop. Getting different groups of riders together from all over New England, and witnessing kids who used to come in with their parents become adults and dedicated riders, are the reason we keep smiling every day.

We’re incredibly grateful that our customers support our family, and we will never cease to be amazed by that fact! We have a unique BMX community here that appreciates and supports one another.

Some people think that bike shops are an unnecessary middleman that only add to the cost of the product. I won't bore readers with the details of shop profit metrics, but I'll tell you that the small profit that is made is earned and goes back into the business. Think about how many BMX shops there are in the country and how long they last--there's a reason! Those who are out there doing it are doing it for the love of BMX.

We opened the shop as a way for us to focus on our passion: BMX. That's why we've always been exclusively a BMX shop. It is a reflection of our lives. What we stock are products from our friends’ companies whose riders we ride with, and our customers are largely people we ride with or see at the race track. When we advocate for public skateparks or to save the trails, it is because we ride those spots and we genuinely care about fostering the BMX community in our area.

There's been a lot of talk this month about bike companies selling direct to the consumer. I'm happy to hear some companies and riders stepping up to address the issue. Kudos to Mike Hinkens for writing this article posted on the FBM website.

Selling direct to the customer undermines the role of bike shops. It says to shop owners and employees: we don't need your expertise to chose the right product, we don't need your expertise in assembly, and screw everything else that bike shops do because I'm perfectly happy with the internet as my source of everything.  It inspired me to create this list of why BMX bike shops are an asset to a riding community.

What Bike Shops Do

  • Bicycle advocacy: advocate for a new park, or the upkeep of park, new riding spots, etc. Be a liaison between cities and riders.

  • Repairs and maintenance: the internet will not fix your bike!

  • Expert knowledge: where to find the rare part you need, when the frame you’ve been waiting for will be released, which component is compatible with your set-up, help with sizing, warranties.

  • Support for companies who care: shops support American brands, American-made products and rider-owned brands by stocking those products and offering feedback to those companies.

  • Curated selection: they do the work of shopping around and testing for you.

  • Social scene: shops are a meet-up spot before or after sessions.

  • Connect: a shop is a melting pot of riders of different disciplines. Riders who might normally not see each other make connections at a shop.

  • Cultural Exchange:  shops host parties, music shows, art shows, dvd releases and sell zines.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

We Are Important!!

BMX shops are important! We support BMX riders and the BMX industry 100% by stocking the brands that actually give back to BMX and make it what it is. Without them, BMX takes a back seat to the MTB, Road, and Cyclocross markets where most bike shops make their money. We do not believe in that. If you have a shop within a 30-60 miles from you, and I know most of you do, try to support them. They are important!! And if you already do support them imagine what it would be like without your favorite shop. It Would Suck!!

Note!! We will be closed this Tuesday, Jan 19th. We will Re-open Wednesday Jan 20th at noon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

One of the perks of running a BMX shop is having the chance to be involved with municipal projects such as the Roger Williams Pump Track in Providence. We have been working with the Providence Parks Dept. for the past 6 months and we are slated to break ground this spring on another local pump track.

 Working with the most bad ass bike company in the world is a always a plus. Heres a build I finished this week for our friend Saw Mill Phil. FBM Built Circuit Frame. Pretty sure we will be doing a run of these this summer if anyone is interested let me know.

We got some Cult goods in this week. Trey Jones "Stone Cold" Frame in 20.75. Jones and Hawk Bars in Black. All the new Winter softgoods including the Coaches Jackets in Black and Blue which are RAD!

I love it when two of the best brands work together. In this case the FBM/Profile Hubs. If you're a fan of FBM and Profile then these belong on your bike. RHD only with any axle configuration you like. $345.00

 Deah!!Hop on board the most wanted trails machine out there. The newest version of the S&M CCR is in the shop. Here's the Dark Roast Color way in 21"TT. This frame is ready to roast. We also have the new Credence bars in 9.25, sounds big but after holding them I think I"m gonna give the a whack. Restocked on the fast selling 8.7 Credence bars as well. Needless to say everything Credence is in the shop for you to get stoked on spring.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


And here we are, the end of the year and the end of something I thought would last forever. I can go on and on about the whole situation but I will spare you the time. I will leave 2015 with some amazing memories of friendship and my BMX family by my side. Thats what life is all about to me. As long as I have that I'll be feeling good. Live for the moment is the way I look at it and we did that in 2015. The sun will rise tomorrow and we will dig another day with motivation and memories to fuel our fire!!

Here are some photos from 2015. I'm looking forward to 2016 and growing the BMX community in Rhode Island to make it even stronger than what it was in 2015. Get Stoked!!

This is how I prefer my new year to begin. A trip to Puerto Rico to clear the mind of the chaos of the past year. I love this magical Island and all the amazing people that live there. Coleman getting pitted at Quebradillas Park.

Spring in N.E. can be hit or miss weather wise. A mandatory trip to some CT. cement parks is always on hand. Bobby has left N.E. for some N.W. concrete but you usually go back to where your from so lets hope thats true for this guy. We miss him!!

I make my way to L.I. a few times during the summer and The Boondocks are right around the corner for me. Im always stoked to make the visit because the locals and the spot are equally as amazing. Thanks boys!

I can't get enough of the mountains. A camping trip with the crew is one way to forgot about everything but the wind, the birds and the ice cold water running down the side of a mountain. Northern Paradise right here.

Like I said the Boondocks are amazing!! Adam S dipping into this work of art.

I don't get to ride with Goldman Lopez often but when I do I'm always impressed how easy he makes everything look. Must be the Portueguese Power my friend. Summer shot on a Providence side street.

All I can say I'm glad the Cody Diggle decided to start riding BMX when he was younger and that he has such a passion for building trails over everything else. I will forever be indebted to you!!
Home turf T-Bog on the back line of Scituate.

Can you find him? Where could he be? You never know where Henny is, he could be on the moon this time next year in the Space Bus. He is in the trees in this pic.

Gonna miss the hot, dry days out in these woods with these dudes. We will always be in a different set of woods so come and find us.

 In between trips all over the world, Wild Childs has been helping me man Circuit for over a year now. Times flies and so can he.

 Marky Deesh!! Being older than most of the people I ride with I realize I've known most of my friends since they were in their early teens. Its funny because I don't feel like I have aged and they are catching up to me. If that were only reality.

This is a small representation of what you can do as a cooperative group. Many hands maintained this place and many more will maintain the next. If the town only knew what they had?!$

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Breath Deep

Taking some deep breaths can really change your mood for the better. I find myself breathing deeper and deeper with the current state of the world and the current state of BMX. The best way to breath deep is to take some fast laps around the trails, parks or streets. Every time I get on my bike its a numbing affect of the daily struggles that life sends your way. I'm sure a lot of you out there can relate to this. Next time something is bringing you down get on your bike and cruise your pain away. You will always have that freedom as long as you have BMX!!

Heres another way to destress!! Come party with your friends and celebrate BMX in New England. We will be hosting a "Welcome to Winter" Party this Saturday December 26th @ 6:30PM.
 Photo Show, Food, Home Brew, Music from DJ Step Down. Hope everyone can make it. Lets talk about how rad this past season was and look forward to Spring together.

Its not often I get super stoked on bikes I don't fit but these 2016 DK Sprinters are a whole different story. IM STOKED!! Here is a brand thats changing the standards of complete race bikes. The 2016 Sprinters all come with a doublewall Wheelset with a Sealed Cassette Hub. Priced from $359.99(Micro Mini) - $419.99 (Cruiser) We received the full line but I've been selling them right out of the box. We will have another full run the first week of January.

Here's one dude still riding for Odyssey. The Tom Dugan Grandstand Pedals are finally available. Thin composite design, 14 mm oversized axle, wider platform area with oversized pins for added grip. 

The raddest New Englander to ever touch a BMX bike is is making some of the raddest sprockets out there. Originally made for Clint Reynolds, Derrick Girard decided to release them to the public and make you bike look badass in the woods. We only have 28 and 33 in stock cause thats what he is making. These are in shop only. If you want one and don't live local Mook and Jawl over to Derricks Big Cartel page and pick one up. Deah!!

We have a steady flow of new frames rolling in the door. Here is the latest offering from Fits' Shawn Mcintosh. The Mac V2 in Trans Apple Green in 21"TT. The frame has a geometry that is open to any style of riding. This dudes nickname used to "Shitty" but I think that has long passed. Always been a fan of his riding and his online persona is something interesting as well. We have over 14 Frames in stock and would be willing to let a few go at blow out pricing

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Coming In Hot!!

We've been stocking up on all the finest BMX products for your holiday shopping needs. Here's  a small example of some new goods in the shop. Always remember that complete wheel builds are free when all the parts are purchased from Circuit. We truly appreciate the year round support and especially during the holiday season.

Pretty stoked on the new Sunday Frames. We have the Soundwave in Raw 20.75 ($379.99) in the shop. This frame is built like a tank and can take any type of abuse that is put towards it. Childs and Mayos weapon of choice. 

The new Aaron Ross "MotoRoss" Frame is a beauty. The Trans Gold finish is amazing and the geometry on this frame is built for all terrains. 20.75, $369.99

The FBM Hardway in Neon Orange is in the shop Here is another 20.75 Frame.  This is the frame of choice for most of the FBM Team. The color has to be seen in person to be appreciated. We are restocked on FBM CB4k's in Black and Raw as well. 
Did I here the V2 Gypsy frames will be around mid winter? Yes I did!!

If you're still riding at night and you're too cheap or lazy to put lights on your bike then Merritt made these Day Glow Shirts just for you. We have some Splatter Option Tires on the floor as well.

The Beast that is "Bundles". This dude rides for the fun not the glory. We need to see a full edit from this one. It would turn some heads. Here's a Fakie Barspin from our Cranksgiving session.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Oooff!! Daylight savings time is here its dark at 4:30. What do you do? Well you can start by coming out to our big holiday weekend sale starting this Friday, November 27th. We will be running everything in the shop 10-20% off Friday-Sunday. All special orders will be 10% off and everything must be paid in full for the discount to apply. (Layaways are excluded) Hope to see you all here. And thanks for the support!!

One of the meanest machines on the shop floor right now is the 2016 Sunday Model C.($449.99) This bike is perfect for anyone but especially the rider looking for the simplicity of a BMX bike that does not feel comfortable on a 20". ($404.99 with 10% off this weekend)

Here is the perfect stocking stuffer for any BMXer in your life. The DK V3 Random Wrench ($34.99) and the Animal Kotulik Multi Tool ($54.99)

Here is something we only see once a year. The FBM CB4k's. These forks kind of remind me of the FBM riders and the brand as a whole. They are lifers and this is a fork that will you last you a lifetime

We have the new PMA Bottleneck stems to go along the forks. New FBM goods arriving this week. Hardway V2 Frame in 20.75 Fluorescent Orange and Profile/FBM Hubsets.

Whats this you are looking at? This is something we've been waiting for around these parts for years. The TSG Certified Fullcut Helmets (Dawn Flex) are in the shop along with the Evolution Helmets. Im not sure how many shops have these but I'm stoked that we do. They are going quick some if you want one come grab it asap.

Take a look at the New Fit Benny L V2 in black 20.75. If you're into a responsive geometry this frame has got it. Ben Lewis wanted a more affordable version of his U.S. Frame and he got it. Priced at $289.99 

Well heres one for you! The Deluxe boys came through this summer to hang out for a few days and experience all that New England has to offer. Lots of good times in here with a great group of guys. And this is the radness before the edit!!

The Edit Before The Edit - Deluxe 2015 North East Trip from Deluxe BMX on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Endless Summer!!

The cold air is steadily creeping into the north east and winter will be upon us before we know it. So this is the time of year lots of us chase that warm air around in search for the endless summer. I hope you all get to taste some of that warm air this winter!!

Here's a reminder of what Summer looks like. 
Diggle getting pretzeled at Scituate. Photo-Jake Owen

Merritt Plasmatic Pull Over Hoodies are here. They Glow in the dark, the wax just makes pegs slide.

What is this? Animal goods in the shop? Yup and plenty of them.
We are fully stocked on GLH Tires, Edwin Grips, Lino Pegs and Katolik multi tools.

How many $459.99 bikes do you see with 48 Spline cranks? None!! The 2016 WTP Justice is dialed as well as all the 2016 WTP Completes we have on the floor. The complete bike page is updated take a look. And remember all complete bikes purchased at Circuit come with Free Lifetime Service!!

The 2016 WTP Arcade in Gloss Black/Oil Slick is a dialed setup. $439.99

The 2016 WTP Curse has one of the raddest clear finishes out there. $414.99

Monday, October 26, 2015


We have our new fall shirts in the shop. "Life Was Rad" thanks to Chris Piascik for the artwork. 

We brought back the Anchor Sweatshirts for Fall. Im a huge fan of this design and its probably our most used and recognized. These are printed on Zip-up Hoods.

We are fully stocked with 2016 Fit Completes. Here is the Oxblood 18", this this is sharp looking. Check the Complete Bikes in Stock Page.

Now that its getting dark earlier it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some reflective tires out on the streets. Cult is making your tires flashy at night with the Vans checkers sidewall. We were able to grab a few of the Cult/Mizu Stainless Steel Bottles also. New V2 Chase Hawk Bars are here as well with a 8.8 rise. Restock on seats, sprockets and other hard/softgoods. 

Its definitely sock weather! We have some new Cult socks in the shop to keep them toes warm.

This years R.I. Roast was rad. I didn't take many pics but heres one from the Diggle compound. Thanks to Cody and his parents for allowing this to happen and the amazing spread they laid out for everyone. You guys rule!!